Anatomy of a birthday present

Man has landed on the moon. Man has conquered Everest, K2 and various other apexes all around the world. And yet there is one thing that Man constantly grapples with – WRAPPING GIFTS! AAARGH!

This is what i needed to wrap. . . . . . I took it out of the tin can, and put it in a square box. . . . . . .

This white paper just makes the box contents feel more . . . . . . er . . . . . . . full? Then when all the paper is in, we close up the box. . . . . . .

So once that is done, the black wrapping comes on. Gosh you have no idea how difficult it is to measure the little edges so they don overlap when they are folded over each other. This time, i used glue instead of scotch tape. . . .

Gosh it actually looks like a box! I am so proud of myself. Now comes something new. A wrapper and ribbon! (DRUM ROLL). . . . . . .

Can you actually believe that i made this? =) had some guidance, but well most of it is me! Hehe. Trade secret. Hahahahahaha. I wonder if its reproducible. But for real effect. . . . . . .

You need to hide it in some place out of view……….. And have it presented in a way that is totally unexpected. . . . . . . . I asked the waiter to bring it out on a dessert platter after dinner. He he. . . . . .

Check out the expression on her face. . . . . i guess the glue did not dry (Note to self: wait for glue to dry. . . ) wrapping paper. . .RM5. Ribbon paper with hearts . . .RM5. . . . . . black paper . . . .RM3. Snapshot of your girlfriend unwrapping your present with the glue getting on her fingers. . . .PRICELESS!!!!!!

Its really tough to wrap, it took so much time, and i had to do it again and again, but at the end of the day,

I can really say it was worth it. Happy birthday dear. =) Part 2.8 . . . . .


~ by jaredtan on June 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “Anatomy of a birthday present”

  1. haha,thats an ugly picture of me mann..
    but anyway, who cares…=)

    It was hilarious, when the waiter took out the platter…i was so curious to know whats underneath….i had a great nite, just so you know =)

    p/s: i love the watch. =)

  2. hi jared!!!!!
    the look on her face…definately PRICELESS!!!
    and gosh…wrapping not bad…but why glue?? double side tape la….cis!!!

  3. well i thought the glue would be more seamless.Do you normally wrap using doublesided tape?

  4. hmmm….i use tape
    not glue…
    and if i think tape too ugly then i’ll use double sided tape instead
    i don’t think glue is or will be an option…
    cute cute….
    *shakes head*=)

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