Hey everyone. Not been blogging for a bit.

But anyway, was sorting through some pictures, and well decided that i should post some pictures from my recent trip to Kay-Elle.

The pictures were taken at a dimsum place down by KL Central. Parking was ample on a sunday morning, and the place was pretty close to DUMC (well me not being the driver. . . i thought it was close).

The place was pretty empty when we got there – we probably got there post/pre peak time. Anyway here is a sampling of some of the food we had. We had more stuff than what is shown here, but I let my hunger and verocity get the better of me. Ha ha.

Porridge. . . . .excellent stuff. I can’t remember now if it was the century egg kind or the salted fish kind. Perhaps a little from column A and column B? =)

I don know what the stuff on top of the picture on the left is – probably some exotic asian toping –  like abalone or scallop or abalope and scalone. . . . .

But the food that really took the biscuit was the hedgehog red bean buns. . . . .so cute you’d wanna bring them home and raise them as your own . . .

Nevertheless, I gave them a good home in the end!

Ha ha ha!

All in all, the service was good (maybe too good?) everyone was like hovering around our table. I got the feeling it was because i whipped out my camera and started taking pictures of the food and premise. Earlier on, Jade had brought a couple of bloggers (yes, she does PR for bloggers!). They recognized her, and when they saw me with a camera, they assumed that the pictures and reviwes would make it to someone’s page. Well, they did eventually. Hahahahaha.

Well thats it! officially got my lazy *ss blogging again.


~ by jaredtan on June 22, 2008.

7 Responses to “DIM SUM @ the SPOON!”

  1. love this post…!
    aaahh.. i miss the hedgehog..
    saw jade the other day at DUMC..
    she was helping out at benny’s wedding..
    so happy to see her and alvin again =)

    Job well done dear =)

  2. btw new layout..cool
    haha, your blog number 1 fan ok??!


  3. haha, i kept reading this post non-stop..
    i like the photos =)
    And also the picture of yourself on top there…
    see the little red thing hanging outside your bagpack?

  4. If you look again its different now. =)

  5. The food looks realy yummy! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into the hedgehog 🙂
    Keep on eating bro! Waiting for you to join me in the obese club. 🙂 🙂

  6. hahahaha hey wat was the bet again?
    How come this is the first time you comment on my blog leh. ha ha

  7. The bet is you’ll be same size as me when you reach 33 years.
    You know me.. man of few words 😉

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