Of circles and waves.

prop·a·gate [prop-uh-geyt]
–verb (used with object) 1. to cause (an organism) to multiply by any process of natural reproduction from the parent stock.
2. to reproduce (itself, its kind, etc.), as an organism does.
3. to transmit (hereditary features or elements) to, or through, offspring.
4. to spread (a report, doctrine, practice, etc.) from person to person; disseminate.
5. to cause to increase in number or amount.
6. to create (an effect) at a distance, as by electromagnetic waves, compression waves, etc., traveling through space or a physical medium; transmit: to propagate sound.–verb (used without object) 7. to multiply by any process of natural reproduction, as organisms; breed.
8. to increase in extent, as a structural flaw: The crack will propagate only to this joint.
9. (of electromagnetic waves, compression waves, etc.) to travel through space or a physical medium.

WARNING! Deep stuff. Hahaha. But i will keep it short.

Throwing a stone into a pool always creates ripples that steer away from the source, and propogate as far as inherent resistances will allow them to. Similarly, in our lives, all things we do ripple across our social pools. Regardless of whether the ripples are positive or negative, they will propogate. Think about it: even our inaction affects others.

Today i was reminded in a conversation about the many lives that have revolved around us, and how we affect each other and how things tend to make it’s way back to you – again, good and bad.

He said life goes in circles. People repeat mistakes, and people do unto you what you did unto people, and you tend to fall into the same snares and pits which others fall into (and scoffed at them too i might add).

Yet at the same time, sometimes what you do for someone never seems to bring about that same effect that we want. We may invest our time and money into the lives of many, without seeing much ‘fruit’. I guess it just reminds us that we have as much control over people as we do over the forward motion of wave currents and tide ripples.

At this point then, i would like to thank all those people who poured into my little pool when i was growing up. People like Victor, who was always looking out and teaching me about consistency and responsibility. People like Ewe Hong who showed me stuff to believe in and be passionate about. People like Daniel who would always make me feel welcome when i most needed it. My parents who always told me that the legacy of a family gets greater with the generations – that I would achieve that which my father and his father could not.

Someone once told me that to be great in life, you need to stand on the shoulders of great people. I begin to realise how true that is, and how much then that when this race i run, i run not only for myself, but especially for those who believe in me.

You need a picture in every blog – so here is mine for this post. She made it while i was talking to my counsellor. =) unintentionally artistic. The best kind of artistic. hahaha.


~ by jaredtan on June 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “Of circles and waves.”

  1. the conversation yesterday about your family and your life really have drawn my attention to the countless blessings i have right now =)

    and that includes you! =)

    p/s: i like this picture because i took it!
    thanks dear=)

  2. hahaha, the picture is not that artistic. i guess it’s trying to be a circle … but I like the imagery you created … good stuff … God bless

  3. A very deep understanding of how life is. Our very existence makes a difference to at least a person in this world, I always believe and my only hope is that it influences people in a rightful way.

  4. Philip, I think the picture is awesome coming from someone who doesn’t own a SLR camera like yourself! =)

  5. Philip, yeah well it is made out of nut shells. So maybe. .. its a summary of life. . in a nutshell???? =D

    Sarah, i agree, making a difference to one person is more than enough. =)

  6. helo ppl..
    the picture is so-so niaa..
    there are other nicer shots..
    I think jared just like this particular shot.
    I took it while aunty pauline n jared was talking…

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