Of Singers and friends

Sometimes its not who you know, but how you know them.

Last year our church was privileged enough to play host to a cohort of Korean evangelist singers, who came by and did a mini-concert of sorts on the top floor of the Wesley MYC hall. Being the first time that they were in our church, the response was only about a hundred people.

Despite the fact that they had a meager functioning command of English, they belted out all their songs in English. And managed to gain some hearty respect/applause from all listening.

Anyway this year they came again, and this time to trinity Church. The response was really good. I’m talking full house standing in the aisle good.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is that this little mid-week sojourn allowed me to meet up with some friends, whom I have not seen in a while, and most of whom I definitely did not meet in Penang (for a good chunk of the ‘knowing them’ season anyway). Some of these people came along with the troupe – and others were here to visit. So lets begin. . . .

YIN YIN: Fung Hao’s younger (youngest) sister, and as fun as a barrel of monkeys and charged up like a squirrel jacked up on caffeine. Studying in Singapore and almost fundamentally Singaporized, she never fails to make me smile and laugh. I thought i was the only person who really enjoyed the simpsons – but when i watched the movie with her and FH in Sing . . . . . i think she laughed boogers. hahahahah (ask her what that means). This round she climbed over a gate into the wrong house. Good laughs at her expense. They say she’s alot like her mum (I’d agree, but add less fierce. . . for now . . .)

HAN WEI: Its amazing how our conversations can go from quasi-theological to gutter-spout in under 3 seconds. Haha. A true friend who has been around since we were still hip in blue shorts (primary lah), its good to see that some things on the social landscape remain ‘posted’. Banker in CITBANK, and single. hahahahaha. Any takers?

DAMI: Korean Malaysian American. One of my most amalgamated buddies. Lets see, she was born in Korea, grew up there, came over to Malaysia with her parents (who are planted here for now ), and studied in Wheaton, IL. So lets see i have seen here here (penang), Ipoh, Singapore and when i was over in Chicago. big friends make the world a small place. I like it that way. She was the violinist for the event. This round in Penang we introduced her to chinese cupcakes. . . hahahahaha. . . .

FUNG HAO: This guy if you can get a two ‘ha’ laugh out of him you are ok. If you can get a triple, you have talent. Anything more than that i would think he was on drugs. A man of few words, but a good mate all in all. Seen him all over the place as well. definitely a topper bloke to hang out with. He and his sis are like polar opposites. Hey bro – Koh Samui at the end of the year ok.

PHUI YEE: One of those people you meet eons ago, don see again for tons, and then see again at the most unexpected (but pleasantly surprising) times. She came to my church early this year, with a couple of her friends. She is from Penang but works in KL (she works for the STAR, writing obituaries and Youth – go figure). The last time i met her was when she joined a friend of mine canoeing in Penang. This friend always assumes that whatever his plans are, i will always be available and willing to ferry him around. Well i was, and both occasions he introduced me to two people who became really good friends. Phui Yee is one of them.

So again, its not who you know sometimes, but how you know them that makes everyone of our lives more colorful.

And this is what a chinese cupcake looks like. . . . .hahahahahaha.


~ by jaredtan on June 26, 2008.

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