me new knife!!

For lack of a better thing to write about, i bought a new kitchen knife!

Not just any plain run of the mill knife (although i begin to suspect otherwise), but a Samaria cutlery fully imported kitchen solution! Okay, a little more publicity and PR than neccesary. . . . but here it is. . . . .


What a beaute’! straight metal grain with a gun metal finish forged hilt, with a hint of grip – perfect for use in wet situations (and who ever cuts in a dry kitchen?).

Now this blog may seem like a lousy excuse to jsut post something up (confession, actually it was), but  in doing so i found out that there are actually websites out there dedicated just to using/buying/reviewing kitchen knives!

Apparently, the knife i bought is the kitchen equivalent of a swiss army knife – a chef’s knife! And according to this website, the best chef knives come from France, Germany and Japan. And jsut how much can you pay for a good knife? try this one on for size. . . french made and hand crafted . . . .the much coveted laguiole (pronounced ‘sissy french name i wont even try to say’) the maybach of the kitchen cutlery scene. . . and should set you back a good RM 335.

Personalized, with a sandblasted hilt for extreme grip and ultimate ergonomics, this stainless steel wonder will leave all your other aspiring chef friends gasping in awe, and standing in the proverbial sink smuck as you ascend the divine hieghts of culinary nirvana. . . . .heck, it does not even matter how bad the food is after u cook it. With this baby in your hilt, who cares if your food is too . . .er. . . salty (subtle reference to botched chicken marinade for BBQ December 2007)?

Just goes to show, there is a high end item for virtually everything we use. Hmmm. . .this gives me a good idea what i should write about next. . . . . .

BINGO. . . . . . . . BTW, James, being a professional chef, do give some feedback as to the authenticity of this post. Please talk about the knife, not the toilet paper! =)


~ by jaredtan on July 28, 2008.

12 Responses to “me new knife!!”

  1. ha ha ha…are you doing a promotion for buying knives??? By the way i didn’t know you cook..

  2. WTF?!?!? @_@

  3. yeah.. since when did u start cooking? getting a little domesticated here..? lol pls dont burn down your kitchen and run out the house with your boxers again. LOL!

  4. haha, when he was in US? so hillarious, it was snowing somemore =P

    he can cook!
    Ive tried his cooking!!
    Its good, better than mine =)

  5. Hahahah Cheryl. . .buying a knife does not mean i started cooking. . . . but it prob means i started chopping and dicing and cutting. =) wait til i write about my wok. . . .hahahahaha.

    And please – don bring up kisah lama. . . .

  6. haaha…him setting his kitchen on firre and run out of the house with just his boxers..that would be darn farny..ahaha!

  7. Hahaha and it really did happen as well. . . .in the snow! =) Yellow hawaii style boxers. . . . . .

  8. dear, don’t go into details =P

  9. jared, you gotta chow me that knife


  10. We both wanted to cook so much more than ever after we got a Zwilling knife as a gift from Andrew’s brother. It’s unbelievably good, cooking is such a different experience altogether with better knives. So, kudos, it’s a good investment!

  11. calvin, its ‘show’ me the knife


    Sarah, you sell the knife better than i do. =)

  12. hi che,
    haha yeah that knife paul bought you guys.. must see them..

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