Life is . . . . . .

Today is the 10th – a month after my father passed. Thank you everyone for your tirelessly support, watchful vigilance and tender consolation. Being more content to be busy than still, I am stranded at home tonight alone, and i realise i still do not really feel ‘brave enough’ to read my father’s journal, read the eulogy i wrote or even look too long into any of his pictures. But i just did.

I still miss him.

But today, in contrast to the still fresh memories of his passing, I am reminded of the beauty of life. And the experience of a death of a loved one sometimes help multiply the experiences of life.

About a week or two ago I went swimming with the most unlikely bunch of people: an 8 year old japanese kid, a 29 (or 30? ) year old nigerian man and a 18 year old college student.

I remember saying somewhere before; sometimes its not who you know but how u know them. I guess today i want to say that who you know and how you know them are equally meaningful.

Well i picked up Kenji. . . . ( who looked strangely . . . er. .  .different) .

What ya got there Kenji?

Definitely the haircut. . . . . .

Anyway, along with us was George from Nigeria. Apparently Chinese people are not the only ones adopting Western names. I had a room mate from Kenya who was named Kevin. =)

An then everybody loves Alvin. . . . .

And then the finale – we apprehend the little cheek-miester and bring him to justice. . . . .

So it was a good retreat, and a good reminder, that times like these are what makes life special. Thanks guys for making my weekend a memorable one. Haha.

Good night.


~ by jaredtan on September 10, 2008.

9 Responses to “Life is . . . . . .”

  1. Wow time pass really fast, one month already..
    And i didn’t get a chance to talk to you when you came to sitiawan!!!

  2. hahaha yeah lah u were busy i guess. Back up singer mah. =) Good to see u serving.

  3. at the darkest moment, there is promise of daylight. for the darkness is passing and the dawn is already coming.

    (or something like that, ill go home n find the bible verse in my journal)

  4. Ha ha but you are also busy, saw you and jiunnli rushing after church..second time backup singer…not really great, still quite nervous..yeah it’s good and great to serve God!!! Come back to sitiawan more often!! =)

  5. hi praise, i will make sure he will =P

  6. HAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHA! man, you’re funny. I like Kenji — he’s “kawaiii” !!! 😛

  7. hahahaha yeah vanessa thanks for dropping by.
    I will link to ur lovey dovey blog . . . .

  8. ha ha jiunn li do come back too!!!

  9. hi jared!!

    i just can’t imagine how little boy you can be….=)
    makes me giggle…
    and am glad that you are more settled now…
    Jesus loves you =)

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